Welcome to my website.

I'm a self-taught photographer from Ireland based in Kyiv. My journey into photography was many years in the making, only to finally take the plunge and buy my first camera while on holiday in Leipzig in the winter of 2019. The next year or so was dedicated to mastering the basic fundamentals of the craft on short trips around Central Europe, shooting mainly city scapes and architectural forms.

My early steps in photography were of a digital nature, but after moving back to Kyiv in late 2020, I decided to venture into the world of 35mm film. On this site you can find my work with both: my work with film can be found in the Journal section, while my digital shots can be located in the Gallery. My documentary photography series' can be found under Expeditions, where I will be taking you with me to a number of historical and interesting regions all over Ukraine (and in future, beyond). 

My aim is to bring the atmosphere of a certain subject to life through a visual story. My subject matter consists of, but is not excluded to, modern and ageing architecture, urban areas, environmental issues, human existence and historical circumstance. 

I hope you enjoy my work and I look forward to sharing my aesthetic vision with you.


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