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Urban Nature


It is easy to sometimes feel overwhelmed in a city. Imposing concrete sits almost everywhere. The air quality can stifle you. The hustle and bustle of urban living demands a lot from us. A city very rarely sleeps. It is constantly moving, breathing, screaming, shouting. Like a living being, except for a near non-existent sleep pattern.

Thankfully, a lot of city planners saw these issues and tackled them head on. Where can people relax in their downtime? They built us parks. Where can people grow flowers, fruit and vegetables? They added gardens to apartment courtyards. How can the air quality be improved? They lined the streets and avenues with poplars and chestnut trees.

Kyiv is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Natural elements can be found in abundance with leafy green streets and large parks to be found everywhere. In this collection, I showcase a small sample of the urban nature that calls Kyiv home. 

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